For many people who download “free” stuff, particularly television shows, it’s not the free part that drives them to torrent sites but their eagerness to watch.  The BBC has taken a promising step toward eliminating this excuse to pirate.  The much-hyped series “Dr. Who” will have its premiere on September 1st.  Eager viewers in the United States and Australia will not have to wait long to watch it online (through legal means).   According to Forbes’ Ewan Spence:

There will be fans that still do this, but for the majority of fans in tow major centres of Timelord fandom they have another, easier, and legitimate option, put in place by their own broadcasters in conjunction with the BBC.

In the US, BBC America will ask fans to wait just six hours after the episode is broadcast in the UK before screening it across the continent, a minuscule timescale when you look at the wait some television series have to wait to get a cross-Atlantic screening. Can fans avoid spoilers for just six hours? Probably…

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