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YouTube Piracy-perfecting the art of spinning (stolen) straw into gold

YouTube, its users, and shady certified “aggregators,” partner together to make money off pirated TV shows, movies & music YouTube’s life-blood is advertising and by now it’s become pretty clear that Google doesn’t give a hoot about what videos it slaps ads onto.  After all, why should vetting content BEFORE putting advertising on it get in the way of company profits right? I wrote about Google’s tainted income scheme last December (Piracy for profit-YouTube’s dirty secret), but it’s a tale is worth revisiting at a time when Google faces more anti-trust allegations in Europe and embarrassing revelations that rather than take action, U.S. authorities at the FTC prefer to bury investigations that...

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Google-funded interest groups come to defense of Sugar Daddy

So-called “public-interest” groups really just “Google-interest” groups Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood’s efforts to hold Google accountable for its suspect business practices has come under fire recently by so-called web “watchdog” groups who’ve come to the defense of the internet behemoth.  The Electronic Frontier Foundation, Center for Democracy & Technology and Public Knowledge and others filed an amicus brief in support of Google’s efforts to ignore a subpoena from Hood requesting information related to its operations linked to illegal drugs, pornography and online piracy.  Hood claims the company is in violation of the state’s consumer laws. EFF, Center for Democracy & Technology and Public Knowledge...

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Pirate Bay shut down-Is it a sign of progress against piracy’s “free for me” mantra?

Notorious piracy emporium, Pirate Bay is down–for now–after a raid on its servers by Swedish authorities, but what does that mean for the future of piracy? If you read Caitlin Dewey’s piece in today’s Washington Post “You can take down Pirate Bay, but you can’t kill the Internet it created,”  the ship has already sailed and creators may as well give up. Per Dewey: …even if TPB doesn’t return, the politics and the conventions it advanced — that content should be free, and if you torrent, they can be! — will be very difficult to eradicate. You may be able to shut down Pirate Bay, but...

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Piracy for profit-YouTube’s dirty secret

YouTube and Russian “aggregator,” piracy partners in crime? When a bad guy steals your car stereo, to turn it into easy money, he often turn it over to a “fence” in exchange for quick cash.  Wikipedia explains this criminal workflow this way: A fence is an individual who knowingly buys stolen property for later resale, sometimes in a legitimate market. The fence thus acts as a middleman between thieves and the eventual buyers of stolen goods who may not be aware that the goods are stolen. As a verb, the word describes the behaviour of the thief in the transaction: The...

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Google’s demotion of pirate search results earns a FAIL so far

Google’s anti-piracy pledge fails to pass muster Yesterday I wrote a blog post expressing skepticism about the promises made in Google’s latest update to its self-serving “How Google Fights Piracy” report.  The report made headlines thanks to word that Google finally appears ready to move against the plethora of pirate links found via its search engine.  In its report Google made this claim: In October 2014, we have improved and refined the DMCA demotion signal in search results, increasing the effectiveness of just one tool rights holders have at their disposal… In addition to removing pages from search results...

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