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Takedown of Megaupload had Positive Result on Movie Sales

According to a study released yesterday by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, last year’s shutdown of the notorious pirate file-sharing hub Megaupload, had a positive impact on movie revenues.  Citing the increase in sales following the popular cyberlocker’s demise,  the researchers (Brett Danaher and Michael Smith) note: …immediately following the shutdown, there was a positive and statistically significant relationship between a country’s sales growth and it’s pre-shutdown Megaupload penetration, such that for each additional 1% (lost) penetration of Megaupload the post-shutdown sales increase was between 2.5% and 3.8% higher (depending on which of our models you believe to be most...

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Nickel and Dimed to Death? Pirates Profit off DMCA Requests

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.   Some cyberlocker websites that offer file storage, do (eventually) respond to DMCA takedown notices, but in an ironic final twist, a fair number of them have found a way to use copyright violation notifications to their advantage–monetizing requests via pop-up ads. Examples are easy to find.  Today I went to a notorious download site that offers download/streaming links to any number of popular (recent) films.  I chose to find links for the Oscar-nominated “Silver Linings Playbook.”  If you look at the column on the left, you’ll see more than 2 dozen...

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