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Search Engines = G.P.S. for Online Piracy

I don’t need a study to prove that search engines are an integral force in fueling online piracy, but since the piracy debate is awash in dueling studies I’ll happily chime in on the subject again. Last week Google published a report–a characteristically self-congratulatory piece of fluff–declaring themselves to be a leader  in the fight against piracy and that took great pains to deny the significance of “search” in maintaining the online pirate economy.  The report repeated claims made in a recent study (published by a consortium of tech giants including Google) that it’s poor SEO techniques that are the...

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Hotfile’s Loss Will be Indie Filmmakers’ Gain

MPAA victory against Hotfile is a victory shared by all content creators hurt by online piracy The best news in the fight against online piracy since Megaupload’s demise came yesterday as the MPAA annouced a big victory in their copyright infringement lawsuit against Hotfile, a cloud-based cyberlocker website known to harbor pirated movies, music, books and more.  Though specific details of the court decision won’t be released for another two weeks, the judge issued a summary judgement in favor of the plaintiffs.  From the LA Times: This decision sends a clear signal that businesses like Hotfile that are built...

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Google and friends spin search piracy study

Study says SEO lapses by legit distributors are to blame for high ranking of pirate sites by search engines What are we to make of the recently released study by the CCIA (a Washington D.C. tech industry lobbying group whose membership includes Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo) that claims that search is not a popular path to discover pirated content online?  The study asserts, “that search engines are not a major tool in the infringer’s toolbox.” Apparently the real reason it’s easy to find links to illegal content online is not the fault of search engines, but simply poor SEO techniques by legit content distributors. This...

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Piracy as a proxy of consumer demand?

David Kaplan, head of Warner Brother’s anti-piracy unit made news this week in Los Angeles at the 4th Anti-Piracy and Content Protection Summit.  According to a Q & A with Kaplan posted on the event’s website, he characterized the studio’s approach to IP enforcement this way: Generally speaking, we view piracy as a proxy of consumer demand.  Accordingly, enforcement related efforts are balanced with looking at ways to adjust or develop business models to take advantage of that demand by offering fans what they are looking for when they are looking for it. Of course this makes sense.  Piracy apologists often attempt to rationalize...

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Courts says Dotcom gets his (digital) stuff back–So when do we get back the stuff he stole from us?

A court in New Zealand has ordered authorities to return Kim Dotcom’s hard drives and digital material taken “illegally” during a raid in January of 2012.  According to a story on A judge has ordered the police to sift through all digital material taken illegally from Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom and to return anything irrelevant to their investigation at their own cost. Fine, he gets his stuff back.  My question is–when do all the filmmakers, musicians, and authors get the stuff he stole from us and (and monetized) back?…or at least the $$$$ he made off it. Share this:Click...

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