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The RIAA Explains Why DMCA doesn’t work

Yesterday Brad Buckles, Executive Vice President of the RIAA’s Anti-Piracy unit, wrote that “it’s time to rethink the notice and takedown provisions of the DMCA.”  In a piece posted on the RIAA’s blog, he went on to outline the various ways that the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) isn’t working.  Up to this point we’ve heard a lot of discussion, mostly from copyright skeptics, about how the DMCA hurts innovation and thus tangentially, consumers.  Little notice has been paid as to how the law (passed in 1998) has failed musicians, filmmakers, authors, journalists and others who create content–content now largely distributed via the...

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Hey Derek…the Tech Industry is a “Special Interest” too!

Derek Khanna first came to public notice in 2012 after writing a lopsided anti-copyright “policy brief” for Republican Study Committee called “Three Myths About Copyright Law and Where to Start to Fix It.” A day after the document was released it was withdrawn and Khanna lost his job at the end of the 112th Congress.  He blamed wealthy donors in the “entertainment industry” for his dismissal and quickly became a martyr for the anti-copyright cause.  He ended up at as Yale Law Fellow with the Information Society Project. Unfortunately, like many of those in the legal field who are working to...

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Why has Fundraising Shoved Musicians Off Center Stage?

I want my favorite musicians making music, not raising funds so that they can Today I received an email from one of my favorite indie bands, Saucy Monky, announcing Part 2 of their Trophy Girl EP series and asking for support to raise funds for the effort via their fundraising page at the crowd-source funding site  Their pitch is straightforward, describing the project and the perks/rewards for each donation level.  These days I’m sure there are dozens of indie musicians launching similar crowd-funding campaigns every day, but what really struck me about their email was this: Here are a few things you...

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Kim Dotcom’s Truth = Nothing but Lies

Megalomaniac Kim Dotcom is at it again. With a launch of a new campaign announced via an all caps headline screaming that “THE TRUTH WILL COME OUT!” on his website, he’s ratcheted up his assault on the big, bad U.S. government, the so-called “copyright lobby” bogeyman and everyone else who views him as the criminal thug that he is. As part of his campaign to get out his (version of the) truth he’s published a “white paper” called “Megaupload the Copyright Lobby and the Future of Digital Rights.”    In it he claims the case against him “represents one...

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Youtube Content ID – A Must for Every Indie Filmmaker or Musician

YouTube Content ID isn’t perfect, but it’s something. When Google recently announced a change to its search rankings algorithm--lowering results for known pirate sites–critics asked why the company would not do the same for YouTube , despite the site’s popularity as a repository for pirated films and music. Such criticism seems justified.  After all, Google-owned YouTube, like the pirate sites being penalized, receives thousands of DMCA notices each day.  If they’re serious about re-ranking pirate site search results, how can Google justify YouTube’s exclusion from this self-imposed pirate penalty? As I see it, there’s really only one way that...

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