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New report on how (some) companies enable malware’s spread

U.S. firms enable scammers to bait consumers and steal personal info Spam and scams have become a way of life.  Every day my in-box is full of emails warning that my Apple, PayPal or Wells Fargo credentials have been compromised and instructing me to click a link to restore my good standing.  Of course, I’m well aware these are scams but clearly there are many who aren’t. The same thing holds true with websites.  It’s a well-known fact that for many–if not most– piracy peddlers, online malware supplies their lifeblood, their income.  The Digital Citizens Alliance* just release a new...

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Copyright au courant for Monday, September 21st.

Our pirate pal Kim Dotcom is back in the news as a hearing for his extradition to the United States to face charges of copyright infringement, racketeering, and money laundering was held Monday in New Zealand:

Big car, big chair, big black outfit means a grand entrance at court for America’s target. –NZ Herald

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Songwriters don’t tour or sell t-shirts for a living.

Time for music licensing to meet the 21st century For consumers, the digital age means accessing music anywhere, anytime at a very low cost (or free) but the picture isn’t so rosy for those who actually make their living writing and performing music.  Everyone acknowledges that online piracy was the first tsunami to hit the music industry, but now, though legal, the rise of streaming services like Pandora and Spotify have served to further undermine creators via an antiquated and utterly lopsided licensing system.   While most consumers remain blissfully unaware of the complexities of the music licensing maze, those who depend on it...

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Salon writes about a (male) nerd who asks “What the fuck is wrong with us?” Perhaps begin with its own ads?

Misogyny be found everywhere, even inadvertently on the pages of Salon In the aftermath of the terrible Santa Barbara massacre, Assistant News Editor Prachi Gupta posted a story today in which she examined the role misogyny plays in “nerd culture.” Gupta said she wrote the piece to explore issues raised by, “Arthur Chu, a self-identified nerd who has written a gripping call-to-action in the Daily Beast.”  Her piece, like several that have appeared on this week, adds to the overdue and significant conversations being played out across social media hashtags (#YesAllWomen) and via news outlets across the country.  Gupta quotes Chu: So, a question, to my fellow male...

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Online Journalism Victimized by Piracy Profiteers

The Future of the News Industry at Stake Caroline Little, President & CEO of the Newspaper Association of America, wrote an thoughtful op-ed  this week asking that Congress consider the economic needs of newspapers in any discussions about copyright reform.  In sharing her editorial the Copyright Alliance website noted its significance: The investment that the newspaper industry makes in journalism, made possible by copyright protection and licensing agreements, contributes significantly to having a vibrant democracy where the public can make informed decisions. Copyright detractors constantly portray copyright and copyright owners as enemies of the public interest and as obstacles to the public’s access to information....

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