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First Look, Facebook’s New Rights Manager Tools

Facebook finally joins YouTube in offering anti-piracy content detection tools

Facebook has been promising for some time to introduce tools that would allow rights holders to automatically detect and remove pirated content from its pages.

The company has endured a lot of bad publicity around the freebooting of viral YouTube videos on its pages, but Facebook’s also long been a place where pirated movies and music found a cozy habitat.  That is–until now. I’ve recently begun to utilize this tool to manage Facebook DMCA takedowns and wanted to share my first impressions, but first a bit of background.

First of all, I’m thrilled that Facebook, with all its resources, has finally begun to take copyright infringement seriously.  In introducing the new tool last month the Facebook development team explained why the company had finally stepped up:

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Monday Memo

  If you’re an indie musician, filmmaker, artist etc. it’s likely that you have a Facebook Page to promote your work or business.  Over time, through hard work and conscientious social media marketing, you’ve built up quite a following.  When you post updates to your page you expect that fans will see them right?  Well, think again.  Thanks to a change in their algorithm (and need to bolster revenues) Facebook has quietly altered the way their fan pages work.  If you want all your fans (not just 20%)  to see a post in their news feed, you’ll have to...

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BBC Make a Smart Move to Thwart Piracy of its TV Shows

For many people who download “free” stuff, particularly television shows, it’s not the free part that drives them to torrent sites but their eagerness to watch.  The BBC has taken a promising step toward eliminating this excuse to pirate.  The much-hyped series “Dr. Who” will have its premiere on September 1st.  Eager viewers in the United States and Australia will not have to wait long to watch it online (through legal means).   According to Forbes’ Ewan Spence: There will be fans that still do this, but for the majority of fans in tow major centres of Timelord fandom...

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