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Netflix Ads + Google Blogspot + Stolen Movies = Piracy Profits

As the Annenberg Innovation Lab releases its February “Ad Transparency Report” on major brands link to advertising on pirates sites it’s also worth taking a look (again) at yet another recent example as to how Google–along with Netflix in this case–continues to incentivize, and monetize, online piracy. This is a Google-hosted website (via their Blogger platform) that features (as of yesterday) active download links to the Hollywood hit “The Dark Knight Rises.”  Note the (Google-served) advertising to the right.  At the top of the list is an ad for Netflix.  Now, I’ve asked this before and I’ll ask it again….Why go...

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How Are Google’s Anti-Piracy Search Policies Working?

It’s been a few months since Google announced a new initiative designed to lower search results for web-sites reported for piracy.  According to Google, legitimate sites would move up and pirate sites would move down: We aim to provide a great experience for our users and have developed over 200 signals to ensure our search algorithms deliver the best possible results. Starting next week, we will begin taking into account a new signal in our rankings: the number of valid copyright removal notices we receive for any given site. Sites with high numbers of removal notices may appear lower in our results. This...

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Youtube Content ID – A Must for Every Indie Filmmaker or Musician

YouTube Content ID isn’t perfect, but it’s something. When Google recently announced a change to its search rankings algorithm--lowering results for known pirate sites–critics asked why the company would not do the same for YouTube , despite the site’s popularity as a repository for pirated films and music. Such criticism seems justified.  After all, Google-owned YouTube, like the pirate sites being penalized, receives thousands of DMCA notices each day.  If they’re serious about re-ranking pirate site search results, how can Google justify YouTube’s exclusion from this self-imposed pirate penalty? As I see it, there’s really only one way that...

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