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Google hopes to see more Green with new YouTube Red

YouTube Red’s new subscription streaming service offers consumers (and pirates) ad free content to watch (and steal).

YouTube has decided to enter the subscription streaming fray with the announcement yesterday of its new (ad-free) premium channel, YouTube Red.  Despite the unfortunate choice of a name —similar to a rather notorious porn site that has both the word “red” and “tube” in its title– YouTube is hoping its new endeavor will catch some of the ad-free streaming mojo enjoyed by the popular subscription based offerings of Netflix, HULU, and Amazon Prime.  And, like the others, YouTube will develop its own slate of “YouTube Originals.”

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Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black” Season 3 streaming in more countries than ever

Fans of the hit Netflix original series, Orange is the New Black, are standing by, like Cinderella, waiting for the clock to strike midnight on the west coast tonight.  When the clock strikes twelve viewers worldwide will be able to (legally) binge watch all 13 episodes of the popular prison ensemble series.  Netflix has expanded to dozens of markets in the Americas, Europe and Oceania.

While the series will undoubtedly be widely pirated, now that  piracy havens like Brazil have Netflix it will be interesting to see if the problem is less widespread.  In fact, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings made news last week by suggesting (with caveats) that illegal piracy actually paved the way for Netflix’s success by changing audience viewing habits.

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Hollywood Diversity Report–Women and minorities still face uphill struggle

Hollywood filmmaking has long been on the cutting edge of innovation–except when it comes to the hiring of women and minorities. These are the conclusions of the 2015 Hollywood Diversity Report-Flipping the Script released yesterday by UCLA’s Bunche Center for African American Studies.  The second in a series of reports by the center’s Hollywood Advancement Project, this year’s study indicates that–despite some minor gains–women and minorities in Hollywood are still sorely underrepresented at all levels of employment–both in front of, and behind the camera. This despite the fact American audiences are increasingly diverse.  Darnell Hunt, director of the Bunche Center, and the report’s lead author points out the contradiction: Television shows that reflect American diversity and...

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Searching for Movies & TV online just got a lot easier with launch of offers convenient way to find movies and TV shows Some good news for those trying for figure out where to find their favorite movies or television shows online.  Today the MPAA announced the launch of, a new site that makes searching for movies and TV shows easy. Even better, the site isn’t limited to Hollywood fare.  Its search engine offers links to streaming sites featuring a variety of independent films.  In fact, when I searched for a movie I co-produced/directed, the niche lesbian comedy And Then Came Lola, I happily found 7 different options for renting and/or purchasing it. is great news for indie filmmakers...

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Killing writer calls out bootlegger’s B.S.

Online piracy is not a victimless crime A couple weeks ago the New York Times published a profile of Hana Beshara, founder of the notorious pirate web emporium known as NinjaVideo.   The site was shuttered in 2010 and Ms. Beshara, who pocketed around $200,000 from her enterprise was sentenced to 22 months in prison for conspiracy and criminal copyright infringement.  She was released last year after serving 16 months and, according to the Times piece: She acknowledges that some of her colleagues were upset when they learned she received much of the profit from NinjaVideo, but says it wasn’t out of...

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