Ellen Seidler's view of the DMCA and its effectiveness in protecting content creators from copyright infringement and piracy.

Content creators know how time consuming it is to send DMCA takedown notices to sites that pirate your movies, music, photographs, etc.  Equally tedious is trying to find the correct DMCA email address to send the actual takedown notice to.  Usually it’s a matter of clicking through a maze of irritating pop-up ads and captcha-codes.  With new cyber-locker pirate sites appearing every day, it’s sometimes hard to keep ones email address book up to date.

So, for those of you who are stuck in DMCA hell, here’s a little something to brighten your date….a list of email address I discovered for the most popular pirate cyber-locker sites.  Of course–given the broken system we have in place to protect copyright holders from theft–there’s no guarantee that even if you do send a takedown notice that the file will be removed, but in for most, it’s worth a try.

List of email addresses to send DMCA takedowns notices to for most popular pirate websites


Here’s a link to the PDF: DMCA email addresses list