Saucy Monky-(L to R) Cynthia Catania, Megan Jane, Annmarie Cullen and Steve Giles

The indie band Saucy Monky was founded in 2001 by Annmarie Cullen and Cynthia Catania after the two crossed met up amid the LA music scene.  After partnering to host a weekly music night at a local Santa Monica pub, the two began writing music together.

“We’re like family,” says Annmarie.  “We’ve been through it all in the past decade, but we’re still making music. We’d probably be each other’s first call in an earthquake, or if we got thrown in jail.”

Cynthia Catania and Annmarie Cullen of Saucy Monky (photo Trevor Gale)

As a duo they released their first album, Celebrity Trash in 2003 and Turbulence a year later. Their breakout came with the single “Disco Ball (Boulevard Remix)” which rose to the status of a bona fide Top 40 AAA hit.

Their music can be heard on television and film,  including Nickelodeon’s iCarly to Blue Bloods and Alcatraz and Amexica.  In  2008’s they released Between the Bars and now “Awkward” the first track from their  new album, Trophy Girl  has been released on iTunes.

“Awkward” is just one track from  the EPs that comprise Trophy Girl. “We wanted to keep things interesting for audience,” Cynthia explained. “We’re releasing the pieces of this album, one at a time. Trophy Girl is actually a lyric from ‘Awkward’. So, the larger idea could be about dating a trophy girl or being one in some people’s eyes. It can be interpreted many ways.”

I had the opportunity to chat with Annmarie last week about what it takes to make an indie album these days and the brave new world of crowd-source funding via Pledge Music and social media marketing for indies.  Here’s the interview: [jwplayer mediaid=”2622″]

And here’s Saucy Monky’s new music video for Awkward which premiered at the Fresno’s Reel Pride Lesbian Gay Film Festival this past weekend.