If you’re wondering where my earlier post about ads disappearing from clicktoview.org, I apparently spoke too soon.  As of this evening the advertising was back–major name brand advertising video ads again displayed adjacent to sex ads.  Solarmovie.so is also involved as original source of the link and it’s not clear how or if the ad revenue is shared between the two pirate sites.

When I checked a link for the newly released “Carrie” I came across these ads (note the ads alongside the sex ad are actually videos that play): Bounty paper towels, Vicks (official sponsor of the NFL starring Saints’ quarterback Drew Brees), Best Buy, Hyundai, Crest, and Dannon Oikos Yogurt.  There were more video ads that played, but I’m running out of room….more-pirate-brands

If anyone cares to look at the source code for all of this garbage, here’s a PDF  I created.  Another interesting thing to note, if you click on the button “get streaming link” you’ll end up on this page (see below) that requires you view ads courtesy of Geico, Best Buy & Domino’s Pizza before putting in a captcha code in order to finally arrive at the pot of gold, a pirated stream of the Carrie re-make.