google-sign-post-piracyGoogle comes in a close second to word-of-mouth in path to piracy poll

A while back one of the world’s most popular pirate websites, LetMeWatchThis went through tumultuous times as its domain name was hijacked and cloned by other not-so-nice pirates.  According to the hijacking, and general confusion led to the domain switching to an entirely new domain,

One of the largest unauthorized streaming movie websites on the Internet is at the center of what is probably the most confusing mess ever to hit the sector. Various hackings, hijackings, domain changes and nefarious happenings have turned 1Channel, LetMeWatchThis, and into a maze of smoke and mirrors through which no regular user has a hope of navigating.

While it’s not clear if the dust as settled, what is clear is that someone operating the domain name is running a website full of illegal links to thousands of stolen movies.  The pirate site, as mentioned in my earlier post today, makes money via advertising (mostly major American brands) but as I was researching the site for my post, I  noticed another feature worth highlighting. In its sidebar, the website has posted a poll asking this question:  How did you find us through our new name?  

According to the results users turned, in large numbers,  to that tried and true source for pirated content worldwide, Google search.  Nearly 200,000 (29.88 %) users chose Google as their path to the site, second only to word of mouth which took top honors at 43%.  While the poll is not scientific, it does provide more anecdotal evidence to what most believe to be true, Google is a major sign post on the path to online piracy.  Even when pirate sites run into trouble with other pirates hacking and stealing their domains (ironic isn’t it), leave it to Google to come to the rescue.