A worthwhile look at how today’s indie musicians have to navigate the good (and bad) of today’s online, internet-driven world  via SantaFeNewMexican.com  “Tech Bytes: Making music — and connections”

But while Bronson insists that the Internet has made it possible for him to have a working musical career in a lot of respects, he is also quick to point that there are certain downsides for creative artists in the Internet revolution. For while it has given artists the ability to control their presentation, it also has created an environment where content has become devalued as so much content is given away.

“One thing about the Internet that’s great is that we can search around for a lot of great content, and not just music, but movies and pictures and writing as well,” said Bronson. “Because people are now used to getting this information for free, to some degree content has been devalued and in a sense, creative people are devalued also.”

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