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Movie2k.to falls victim to online movie pirates eating their own?

As the pirate world turns…. The mystery (and confusion) deepens over the fate of the popular pirate movie site Movie2k.to.  Two weeks ago it suddenly disappeared from the web.  Speculation was that it had something to do with efforts in the UK to block pirate websites.  A few days later the site appeared to be reborn as movie4k.to but now, according to a report on a German-language site www.20min.ch the real site is now found at movie2k.tl and the site owners claim movie4k.to is a fraud.  Imagine that, a pirate site subjected to fraudulent behavior.  Karma….oh, but I digress.  Here’s...

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Movie 2k is shut down?

Notorious pirate site Movie2k.to is gone…at least for now Much to the chagrin of many on Twitter, the popular pirate movie portal http://www.movie2k.to is offline thanks, it seems, to a court order issued in the UK.  According to a story in Torrent Freak earlier this month, a number of UK ISPs were served with a court order that requires them to block the sites or be legally liable for the infringement that occurs.   It’s not clear at this point how that effort has affected the site’s availability in places like the United States. No matter the reason, this is good news for filmmakers....

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The RIAA is Right, Piracy Results Remain Top Dog on Google

The RIAA is not pleased with results of Google’s efforts to downgrade pirate websites in search results.  According to a story by Stuart Dredge published today on Musically.com, the RIAA says Google’s not doing all it can to demote infringing sites: The RIAA says it’s been monitoring the results, and it’s not happy. “Six months later, we have found no evidence that Google’s policy has had a demonstrable impact on demoting sites with large amounts of piracy. These sites consistently appear at the top of Google’s search results for popular songs or artists,” it says in a statement. Specifically, the...

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