Tom Konkle is a busy man.  At the moment he’s directing and starring in a feature film, a noir love story “Trouble is My Business.”  When not working on a set somewhere, he’s a partner with two production companies, Lumen Actus and Pith-e Productions.

He and Dave Beeler produced the award-winning and innovative  3D web series “Safety Geeks:SVI” a comedic spoof of the CSI procedurals has gained a worldwide following and acclaim. Unfortunately, along with popularity came massive piracy.

I first read about Tom’s battle with piracy on Facebook when a friend shared this post lamenting the impact piracy has had on their bottom line.

I reached out and was fortunate to be able to spend some time talking with him about finding a niche as a successful indie producer, producing content for the web and new media, “smart budget, low budget” moviemaking,  and how indie artists might survive and flourish amid a brave new online media world where it’s open season on creative content.  Here’s my interview with Tom:

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Here’s a promo clip for Safety Geeks (2D version)