blog-piracyLGBT pirate blogs that claim to love the films and shows that reflect their lives, yet undermine creators ability to make more

It’s bad enough seeing indie LGBT films pirated via torrent sites like Pirate Bay and cyberlockers like Mega, but it’s particularly galling to see supposed fans of LGBT films operating websites that think nothing of undermining filmmakers from their own community. Time after time fans of LGBT films ask why more films reflecting their lives aren’t made, yet many of those same fans think nothing of pirating the LGBT films that are made effectively cannibalizing their own filmmakers.

LGBT films are usually made outside the Hollywood system and depend entirely on grassroots funding efforts to cover production costs.  When these films are pirated, recouping expenses is made more difficult and threatens the filmmaker’s ability to create more films.

Much is made about the democratization of filmmaking through increasingly affordable technology.  Yet no matter whether a film is shot on 35 mm or digital, it still costs money to create.   Money–to pay for cast and crew, equipment and permits, insurance and meals–does not fall from the heavens.   There’s also the cost of pre-production: planning, script development and completion, casting, location scouting, scheduling, hiring a crew, etc.  After the film is shot, taking weeks or months, there are post-production costs to consider.  These include editing, sound-mixing, music, special FX, color-correction and mastering.  This entire process takes time and money.  People who create indie films aren’t in it to get rich.   They are driven by a passion to create and give voice to untold stories but it doesn’t come free.  There are debts to be paid.

Unfortunately, this disconnect between those who create and those who consume threatens to gradually the diversity of voices (and choices) available.  Fans may not miss what’s not made until it’s too late…As they say, actions speak louder than words.  You can’t claim to support LGBT indie film yet download or stream illegal copies of those same films.  However, as I surf the web and explore the many blogs dedicated to LGBT film, too often I find this hypocrisy in full bloom

The blog “Popcorn ‘N Tits” is part of the PNT Tv Network, “a femqueer entertainment website where you can find webseries, movies, music and literary articles that reflect our lives.” It’s beyond ironic, and rather sad that operators choose to exploit the very content they claim to love.  Ironically one of their partner blogs features this plea, 

This blog is dedicated to support the art of filmmaking.  You love watching our movies, shorts, and web-series but filmmakers need money to make that happen.  You can do this by donating to these projects, no matter how small the sum.

So true, yet this same blog network apparently doesn’t see the disconnect when it includes a site that apparently pirates movies and tv shows at will (see graphics below).  Note this is only one example of many I’ve found during my web wanderings.

voxindiePopcorn tits blog piracy.001

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