According to an article published in by Kate Tummarello in The Hill today, Zoe Lofgren doesn’t think much of Congressional efforts to reform copyright law.

Rather than trying to rewrite copyright law, the content industry is working with the tech community to curb online piracy, Lofgren said.

“They’re trying to do collaborative deals with the tech world,” she said. “They’re not asking for a big review of the copyright law.”

Hmmm, last time I checked a  number of people representing a wide swath of the creative industries (indie and otherwise) have become very invested in copyright reform efforts believing that it’s long past time to update the law for the 21st century/digital age.  Of course, when digesting anything Ms. Lofgren has to say about copyright it’s important to remember that  according to  Google is her #1 corporate campaign donor and the company’s general distaste for laws that protect creator’s rights is well established.